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About Us

Olive Tree Café is a unique and comfortable place to dine and be exposed to true Mediterranean hospitality, cuisine, and ingredients, just around the corner in Newark, Delaware.

mapofmedInspired by the cultural and life experiences of the owners, Olive Tree Café features traditional dishes from around the Mediterranean and highlights some of the key ingredients from this region.

The Mediterranean-themed menu includes French, Moroccan, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and Greek influences, all of which pay special attention to olive oil, olives, and spices for their unique health, taste and cooking properties.

Olive Tree Cafe has been honored locally and nationally, and the owners feel extremely fortunate to have a loyal base of regular guests who seem to be on a mission to help them succeed. Out of town visitors have been equally pleased and supportive, and social media praise has been incredibly heartwarming. Read reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook.


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