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Olive Tree Cafe Caters!

We can prepare any of our menu items for whatever event you’re having: appetizers and dips for a cocktail party, entrees and desserts for a dinner, sandwiches and salad for a lunch meeting, and more!

Choose from our most popular catering items, listed on our Catering Menu.  

Or, contact us to develop a menu to meet your budget and taste. Email us at contact@olivetreecafede.com so we can create a proposal for your review. Let us know your general budget, type and date of event, and any specific menu items you want to include.

Catering Customer Testimonials

See what our catering customers have said about the food and service for their special events and meetings:

  • “Thank you so much for delivering the wings for [our granddaughter’s] party this past Saturday.  I can tell you they were a huge hit.  Family members that have already had your wings were very pleased that we had them and those who hadn’t had them yet, loved them.  I made sure I told them where we got them.  Again, thank you so much!!
  • “That was soooooo good. Thanks Stephanie! Lunch was extremely good.  So glad I was able to be in the Wilmington office to experience it again.”
  • “The food was beyond incredible. Once again you surpassed my expectations. The dolmades, eggplant dip and metsovo were fantastic! I will definitely be ordering catering again very soon. I would not have changed a thing!!!”
  • “A fabulous luncheon was had by all today… Thanks so much for the wonderful food delivery & setup. I received so many compliments on the different flavors and the beautiful display and colors of the olives. Particular mention of the choice of pita bread AND the Turkish bread – very complimentary on the sauces, taste and perfection of the lamb. I would say I received at least one compliment from every person who attended the meeting today. All of the menus and business cards were taken, and the lunch was a complete success.”
  • “It was absolutely perfect, thank you.”
  • “Great job today! Thanks for the wonderful service… Several colleagues said they were going to eat there again this weekend.  I think this will be a staple for our workplace for a long time.”
  • “Thank you for your efforts in catering our event – We wanted to follow up with the feedback we got from our guests at the iftar dinner. Everyone liked the hand made bread- it finished quickly- some took extra to take home, they enjoyed it very much. The chicken was spiced and seasoned well – not too spicy and not plain,or bland- everyone enjoyed it. They enjoyed the salad, different variety hummus and veggie dish. The rice finished first and very quickly and they all enjoyed it. Everyone enjoyed the tea both flavors  and it finished quickly- the children even enjoyed the tea along with the adults. Only thing missing was the restaurant business cards and flyers and menu. Many people asked us where you are located and your restaurant information.”


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